Born in April? This Is Your Birthstone and What It Means

Traditionally, the month you are born has a beautiful gem associated with it. Each one holds a significance and meaning that’s supposed to bring good fortune and wellness to the wearer.

Birthstones are also linked to the zodiac signs, and incorporating them into gifts like jewellery can make the perfect meaningful presents for friends and loved ones.

The #personalisedjewellery hashtag has 14.8 million views on TikTok, with creators sharing necklaces, bracelets and earrings featuring names, initials and birthstones as the perfect inspiration when you need a special gift idea.

What’s the birthstone for April?

The diamond is April’s birthstone and is thought to bring the wearer inner strength, better relationships, clarity, balance and abundance. Known for being tough and letting nothing hold them back, Aries personalities are people you can depend upon, and they love to be treated.

When did birthstones become popular?

The list we use for birthstones today has been in place since 1912, but it was also mentioned in the Bible, where it began as 12 gemstones on the breastplate of Aaron that represented the 12 tribes of Israel. The connection with the zodiac signs followed later, and people began to wear their associated gem according to their state of health and the challenges they faced.

Only then, in 18th Poland and the arrival of Jewish gem traders, the modern list of birthstones began. The National Association of Jewellers in America defined the list in 1912. Most recently, in 2002, the American Gem Trade announced they would add Tanzanite as a December birthstone to help retailers sell more jewellery.

Stephanie Porter, co-founder of, comments: “We’ve seen a huge increase in interest for personalised jewellery featuring birthstones over the last 6 months, and expect to see this continue as our customers love to send them as gifts to someone they care about.

“Choosing an initial and birthstone on a necklace or bracelet is a great way to celebrate friendship or commemorate a special occasion such as a wedding, as it means you can share the magical properties of the stone with the recipient, showing them you wish them love and happiness in a truly special way.”

The full list of birthstones

  • January – Garnet – Faith, Eternity and Truth
  • February – Amethyst – Luck, Wittiness and Health
  • March – Aquamarine – Happiness and Understanding
  • April – Diamond –  Eternity, Courage and Health
  • May – Emerald – Fidelity, Goodness and Love
  • June – Light Amethyst – Peace, Nobility and Beauty
  • July – Ruby – Love, Enthusiasm and Strength
  • August – Peridot – Success, Peace and Love
  • September – Sapphire – Serenity and Truth
  • October – Rose Blush – Purity, Hope, Health
  • November – Citrine – Wisdom, Courage and Sincerity
  • December – Blue Topaz – Love, Happiness and Luck

April Birthstone Jewellery ideas 

April birthstone necklace, £48

  • 18 inch chain
  • Sterling silver
  • Gift box included

April birthstone bracelet, £51

  • 7 inches
  • Sterling Silver
  • Gift box included

Birthstone pendant add-on, £28

Add to a necklace or bracelet

Mini winged diamond necklace – for children, £100

  • Ages 1-11 years
  • 14-inch chain
  • Sterling Silver and Diamonds

Winged diamond earrings, £144

  • 7mm
  • Sterling silver
  • Six Diamonds