From Boo to Balance: 6 Ways to Stop Your Halloween Decor from Bringing Bad Energy

Have you found yourself feeling teary or experiencing a sense of stagnation in life? If so, the unexpected culprit might be lurking right in your home – your Halloween decorations.

According to the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui, how you decorate your home can negatively impact your emotions, health, wealth, wisdom, and well-being. With this in mind, MattressNextDay has partnered with a feng shui expert to share her secrets below.

Both Martin Seeley, the CEO and sleep expert at MattressNextDay and Suzanne Roynon, an esteemed feng shui expert have shared their insights.

1. Move your black decorations to your least-used rooms

Suzanne said, “If you’re using black-coloured decorations, especially in rooms where you spend a lot of time, consider relocating them to less frequented areas. Black is associated with water energy in feng shui and can trigger heightened emotions. Using it sparingly can help maintain a more harmonious atmosphere.”

Martin added: “Instead, you should focus more on the following colours – orange which represents enthusiasm and energy, white which represents clarity and simplicity, gold which symbolises abundance and good fortune, and silver which also represents clarity and positive reflection.”

2. Never light an orange candle two nights in a row

Suzanne said, “While orange candles set a cosy atmosphere and represent positive qualities such as enthusiasm, passion and high energy, they should never be lit two nights in a row.

“Due to its colour, continuously lighting it over several nights might introduce an overdose of fiery energy into your space, which can lead to imbalances, increased stress, or heightened emotions. feng shui seeks to maintain equilibrium in the environment, and overdoing any element, including Fire, can disrupt this balance – so keep your orange candle as a short-term feng shui remedy.”

3. Decorate your front door but refrain from using dried flowers

Suzanne said: “When decorating your home, place special emphasis on your front door. Naturally, this is one of the first things a guest sees when they visit your home, so it’s a great way to help create positive energy from the get-go. However, avoid using dried flowers, which symbolise stagnant or ‘dead’ energy, and can also encourage spiders. Instead, incorporate symbols of new growth, like berries and acorns, to emphasise positivity and rebirth rather than decline.”

4. Add pumpkin-shaped lanterns and Halloween-themed tealights throughout your house

Martin said: “Light is a central component of feng shui, influencing the overall ambience of a room. For Halloween, embrace the opportunity to introduce a playful and protective element by strategically placing pumpkin-shaped lanterns and Halloween-themed tealights throughout your home.

“These bright lights infuse ‘yang’ or masculine energy into your living space, serving as a barrier against the dark ‘yin’ forces often associated with Halloween, including ghosts and spirits of the deceased. The whimsical charm of pumpkin lanterns not only adds a festive touch but also encourages any unwelcome apparitions to seek their haunts elsewhere. Just remember to exercise caution with open flames and never leave them unattended for safety’s sake.”

5. Suffering from poor sleep or vivid nightmares? Move your mirror away from your bed

Martin said: “According to feng shui, placing a mirror directly opposite your bed can trigger nightmares, insomnia, and other sleep-related problems. The belief is that, during sleep, the soul leaves the body, and waking to see its reflection can be unsettling, leading to night terrors. This mirrors themes in horror films like The Shining. Instead, position it to not reflect your bed, or use it to showcase a pleasant window view for positive energy. This arrangement also brightens the room, encouraging an energetic start to the day.”

6. Declutter under your bed

Suzanne said, “The space beneath your bed is crucial, as it operates in a passive ‘yin’ state during restful moments. Items stored there may symbolise subconscious blocks affecting your daily life. For example, mementoes from past relationships tie you to the past, hindering new beginnings. Work-related items, such as paperwork, keep your mind preoccupied with to-do lists, and storing luggage or travel-related items can perpetually keep you on the move, hindering your ability to find a sense of stability in your home.

“The ideal approach, according to feng shui, is to keep the space underneath your bed clear or use it for practical items like spare bedding, towels, or out-of-season clothing. By keeping this space uncluttered, you can create a clean and harmonious energy flow, which contributes to a more restful sleep and improved well-being.”