BioFarma Innovations launches new medicines within Europe and the Commonwealth

SG Innovations Limited and BioCubaFarma announce today the launch of a new venture, BioFarma Innovations focused on accelerating the development and accessibility of world-leading, innovative new medicines within Europe and the Commonwealth.

The company aims to provide access to a patented pipeline of biopharmaceutical products from BCF, which is the entirety of Cuba’s established biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, and one of the most advanced pharmaceutical organisations in the world. Based on world-leading science, BCF has built a deep product pipeline, full of ground-breaking discoveries that fulfil clinical needs.

Furthermore, amid today’s current global crisis and public health threat, BFI will widen its distribution networks and increase accessibility to these in-demand products to more people globally, including in the fight against COVID-19. Clinical trials of several products developed by BCF for the treatment of COVID-19 have displayed encouraging results and prognosis in various countries. BFI will now facilitate the evaluation of these and other pipeline products in Europe and the Commonwealth.

BFI’s strategic focus will be on the development and commercialisation of the patented pipeline of biopharmaceutical products into Europe and the Commonwealth. More specifically, it will:

  • Provide access to BCF’s world-leading expertise and deep product pipeline sourced from both its manufacturing facilities and R&D labs, and;
  • Enable investment in new product development, including clinical trials and the launch of new products into Europe and the Commonwealth.

BFI will be based in the UK and Ireland and Lord David Triesman will take up the position of chairman of the new venture. He has over 40 years experience working with the National Health Service, as the minister responsible for higher education quality and innovation and patents, as deputy chairman of Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster Area Health Authority and as general secretary of the Association of University Teachers, in which research universities’ medical and biochemical faculties were prominent. David’s early career was as an epidemiology senior researcher in the British Postgraduate Medical Federation.

Triesman, chairman of BFI commented: ‘At a time when the demands on the healthcare industry have never been greater and the need for new medicines more urgent, I am tremendously excited about the contribution which this new venture can make certainly transformative now and it will continue that transformation in years to come.’

Dr Eduardo Martínez Díaz, president of BioCubaFarma added: ‘In keeping with our mission to prioritise public health, we are providing a flexible and open approach to collaboration with global pharmaceutical companies and public health bodies across Europe and the Commonwealth, that range from licensing to co-development and research agreements. We have consolidated a deep product pipeline and want to ensure access to potential new medicines to help meet demand, globally.’


Image credit: Freepik