The Biggest Home Renovation Trends for 2024

As we enter the New Year, many homeowners start setting their sights on home renovations, but what will the biggest home renovation trends be in 2024?

Drawing insights from Pinterest trends, alongside their own professional knowledge of the industry, and as a market-leading online retailer of electric and water underfloor heating systems, The Underfloor Heating Store provides insights into the most influential home improvement and renovation trends of 2024 and the home improvement trends on the decline.

The top 5 rising home improvement trends

1. Multifunctional rooms 

2023 saw a rise in multifunctional rooms, with homeowners seeking more versatility to adapt to their evolving needs. Related search terms like “hobby room” and “living room dining room combo” saw a huge increase of 178% in the past year. The search term “home gym ideas” saw an 8% increase, and “outdoor living design” an impressive 40%. This reflects a societal shift towards adaptable living spaces, responding to people’s changing lifestyles and a growing need for flexibility.

2. Extensions

Similarly, expanding living spaces to accommodate growing families or creating dedicated areas for specific activities saw a substantial increase of 156% in the past year. Search terms included “extensions”, “extension design” and “extension ideas” as homeowners seek to make the most of their living spaces. We’re seeing a rising demand for open-plan layouts that seamlessly connect outdoor and indoor living spaces, allowing for more fluid living environments.

3. New windows 

A focus on window design aligns with the growing trend to move away from outdated PVC window styles. Searches for “window design” and “modern window grill design” have risen by 63%, showcasing the surge in interest in more stylish window options. The interest in “new windows” also aligns with the growing trend of sustainable living as homeowners seek out more energy-efficient windows in a conscious effort to include more environmentally friendly solutions in the home. This modernisation of homes continues to trend, with rendering seeing a 4% increase in searches. Modernising exteriors with sleek finishes for a more contemporary look than traditional brick structures is gaining popularity, and we expect this trend to continue into 2024 as renovators aim to upgrade their home exteriors for a fresh and contemporary look.

4. New wood flooring 

Wood flooring, a timeless choice that adds warmth and character to any space, has seen a resurgence in popularity in 2023, with a 26% increase in searches year over year. Homeowners are seemingly turning towards more classic and sustainable materials that provide both aesthetic appeal and longevity. Herringbone flooring saw a 10% increase in popularity, with the diagonal arrangement creating visual interest and an illusion of depth and movement. We’ve also seen a shift in more homeowners opting for wider wood planks as opposed to the more traditional narrow planks. Wider planks again create an illusion of expansiveness and work well in modern homes.

5. Solar panel installation

Embracing eco-friendly solutions was also evident in the rise in searches for “solar panels” (19%). Homeowners are investing in sustainable energy sources for a greener future, with more focus on conscious living and reducing carbon footprints in light of rising energy prices and the climate crisis.

The top 5 declining home improvement trends

1. Garden landscaping

Garden landscaping saw a substantial decrease in interest as homeowners shifted their priorities toward outdoor space enhancement. “Garden landscaping” and “garden landscaping ideas” saw a huge decline of 128% versus terms like outdoor living design, which saw an increase of 40%. This significant decline suggests a reevaluation of preferences to focus on more functional or low-maintenance outdoor areas.

2. New bathrooms 

New bathrooms also saw a notable decrease in demand (-113%) as homeowners explored other areas of the home for renovation. This decrease in interest may also indicate a shift away from big bathroom renovations as more homeowners take on smaller DIY projects to refresh tired bathrooms instead of a complete and often costly renovation.

3. Tiling 

Tiling also saw a considerable reduction in interest, possibly influenced by alternative flooring and kitchen options. Bathroom and kitchen tiling saw a combined search term decrease of -102% as homeowners seemingly adhere to more minimalist trends, favouring more consistent materials throughout the home and opting for streamlined aesthetics achieved through alternatives like hardwood or luxury vinyl. The declined interest in tiling also hints at budget considerations due to the high cost associated with the material and installation of tiles.

4. Converting loft space

In contrast to “extensions”, loft conversions saw a noticeable decrease in interest of -93%. The decline in loft space conversion searches indicates homeowners are looking to redirect their renovation budgets towards spaces offering immediate functionality, such as multifunctional rooms or extensions. Heightened cost considerations play a pivotal role, with loft conversions often entailing significant expenses compared to more budget-friendly alternatives.

Additionally, the need for planning permission adds complexity to loft conversions. Under permitted development for a detached house, you can extend up to four meters and up to eight meters under the larger home extensions, which is a more appealing option for many homeowners.

5. Plastering

Despite the popularity of plaster walls, Venetian plaster, and plaster wall art in 2022 and into 2023, this trend is experiencing a significant decrease in interest with a -82% search popularity, reflecting changing design preferences. This reduced interest may be attributed to the growing popularity of cleaner, minimalist design aesthetics, the movement towards textured walls, and embracing existing interior and exterior materials such as stone and natural clay wall finishes.