Purple Patch Group’s top five best conference venues in London

Purple Patch Group, a leading London-based event management company, has come out with a new list of the best conference venues in London. They’ve compiled their research into a new infographic, showing the best conference venues in London. They aim to help other event planners and managers in the city when it comes to the difficult task of venue location.

Using criteria relevant to event planners, Purple Patch have ranked five of the best venues in London. Their criteria include seated capacity, total space, four-star hotels nearby, proximity to public transport, audio-visual support, location, and catering possibility. Read on to see which venues made the cut.

Battersea Evolution

Battersea Evolution is the biggest event space to make the list, with a seated capacity of 4,000, totaling 5,650 square meters. Bigger doesn’t always mean better, though, as Purple Patch stresses that each event space they ranked is tailored toward different types of events.

Purple Patch gave Battersea a location score of 9 out of 10 since it’s located in the heart of London. It’s also near three underground stations, with six major hotels nearby. With provided AV support and catering, the group stresses that Battersea is best suited to large organisations with big budgets.

The Royal Institution

To contrast with the massive Battersea Evolution, Purple Patch put the small Royal Institution on their top-five list. It’s the smallest venue they included, with a seated capacity of 400 and 235 square meters. Even though it’s smaller, it still has a great location score – 9 out of 10 – with five major hotels nearby and three tube stations as well.

The event company highlights The Royal Institution’s unique character as a setting for scientific education and research in London for the past 200 years. The space is best suited to small and medium-sized meetings, as well as conferences or workshops. With on-site catering and AV assistance available, The Royal Institution makes it easily into Purple Patch’s top five.

Dock X London

Dock X is popular among London’s event planners. Its modern aesthetics appeal to those who want to impress their guests with something a little different. Seated capacity for Dock X is 1,500, with 1,000 for dining events. Purple Patch suggest the space for large scale award presentations and ceremonies.

The events agency points out the stunning environment planners can create with the space’s high ceilings and natural lighting. Dock X also made the list for its different packages. The flexible options include catering and AV equipment rental. Location-wise, Dock X does well too. It’s near five major hotels with three public transport connections.

The Light

The Light reached the top five list for its ability to host niche or targeted events. It can seat 1,000 total, with different seating options and four halls available for hire. Nearby amenities are also a point in its favour, with seven hotels in the area, and three connections to public transport.

Purple Patch recommends The Light for niche exhibitions and evening gatherings, especially if you make use of the cabaret seating. They also praise the space for its more intimate feeling, despite the fact it has a decent-sized capacity. The Light offers on-site catering and AV support as well.

Nine Kings Suite

Rounding off Purple Patch’s top five list is Nine Kings Suite. The group lauds it as one of the best venues in London for award ceremonies – especially larger ones. The capacity is 1,680 and 1,200 for dining. In addition to large awards shows, Purple Patch also suggests Nine Kings Suite for evening events.

The space doesn’t have AV support, but it does offer onsite catering, a plus for large dining events. Purple Patch points out how versatile Nine Kings Suite is, able to adapt to different event themes and types. The location is also accessible, with five hotels and three underground stations nearby.

About Purple Patch Group

Since 2004, Purple Patch have been planning and managing conferences, expos, meetings, gala dinners, and other corporate events across London. The event agency has worked with major brands like Sainsbury’s, Shell, Allied Healthcare, Schneider Electric, and the NHS. Having worked with big and small organisations to plan all manner of events throughout the UK capital, Purple Patch have become industry leaders.

In addition to planning and managing events for clients, the London event company creates resources like this infographic for other event planning professionals. Having been in business for 16 years, Purple Patch Group has cultivated a respectable reputation in the London events sphere.