New Analysis Reveals the 10 Best Cities for Coworking Spaces

Business Name Generator has investigated 53 cities around the world and analysed how they perform when it comes to coworking. By gathering information about the number of coworking spaces available, their average monthly cost, internet speed, and search volume data, we can reveal which city is the coworking capital of the world.

The study also explores which cities are the best for commuters based on travel times and costs.

Market analysts predict an estimated five million people will be based in coworking spaces by 2024, a 158% increase from today. But which cities worldwide are the most successful at meeting the growing demand for coworking spaces?

London is the coworking capital of the world, followed by Singapore and Berlin

London is the best city worldwide for coworking, with a staggering 1,322 coworking spaces. It is also the most in-demand city, with an average monthly search volume of 4,400.

However, the average monthly cost per desk in London is £267, 35% more expensive than all other cities in the top 10.

Coming in second and third on the list are Singapore and Berlin, which offer far fewer coworking spaces than London – 214 in Singapore and 192 in Berlin. San Francisco places fifteenth on the list, with only 81 coworking spaces available despite a high monthly search volume of 2,400. This US city also has the highest price tag for coworking spaces, averaging £312 per desk.

When it comes to commuting to these offices, how do different cities fare?

Doha and Abu Dhabi are the best cities for commuters

Doha in Qatar is the best commuter city, with a one-way ticket on public transport costing £0.48 on average, and a litre of petrol is only slightly more expensive at £0.49. On top of this, commuters using public transportation can expect to wait just three minutes for transport, and their average commute time is a very short 30 minutes.