Ancient + Brave’s vegan Collagyn range launches

It’s finally arrived, a plant-based formula that rivals bovine and marine collagen beauty supplements. Launching January 2020, Ancient + Brave has created ‘Collagyn’ in response to the growth of the global collagen market and the rise of vegan and plant-based lifestyles.

Collagyn is made with wild-harvested Hebridean British seaweed and formulated to match the amino acid profile of bovine collagen. It delivers the full spectrum of amino acids required for cellular collagen production while also providing nutritional peace of mind for vegans with generous amounts of Vit C, D3, Iodine, and Choline. Growing advice from experts indicates that supplementation is necessary when on a vegan diet.

Susie Debice, food scientist and nutritionist with over 20 years industry experience, formulated the Collagyn range with Ancient + Brave and explains: ‘Collagen is built from 18-20 amino acids with over 30% being formed from just three key amino acids (glycine, proline and hydroxyproline). Up until now, products on the market claiming to be vegan collagens tend to contain vitamin C as their only active ingredient or they provide insufficient amounts of the three key amino acids from non-vegan or synthetic sources.’

Collagyn is the first UK supplement range to provide not three but five collagen specific amino acids from vegan and fermented sources (including wild-harvested British Seaweed) with generous amounts of skin nutrients vitamin C and iodine + vitamin D3 and choline – two essential vegan nutrients often lacking in a plant-based diet.

According to the British Nutrition Foundation 1 in 5 people in the UK have low levels of vitamin D with vegans being at higher risk of deficiency. Collagyn contains a more than substantial 800% NRV of vitamin D for vegan peace of mind. The proprietary formula is designed to build and enhance the body’s natural collagen which diminishes as we age. It combines collagen specific amino acids, collagen protective botanicals, nutrients and plant proteins including chickpea protein, Hebridean seaweed and Haskap.

Take Collagyn with hot or cold plant mylk for an incredibly delicious Brave brew or add to a morning smoothie as an important step for all daily skin and wellbeing rituals. Add to water as nutrition support for those following fasting strategies, biohacking, plant based keto diets and 5:2 diet. There are three flavours in the range:

  • Naked Collagyn for the body designed to support collagen formation, energy, metabolism, muscle tone, liver function and immune support plus glucosamine sulphate for busy and active lifestyles.
  • Inspired Collagyn for the brain designed to support collagen formation, mind, mood, focus and stress resilience with Ayurvedic spices and adaptogenic ashwagandha for mindful wellbeing.
  • Radiant Collagyn for beauty designed to support collagen formation, skin function and help neutralise cellular oxidative stress with haskap, rosehip, raspberry and beetroot for youthful glow.


Image credit: Freepik