Barbiecore Interiors: How to Create a Bathroom Worthy of the DreamHouse

Maximalism has found its feet as one of the core interior trends of 2023, and with the hot-pink hype of the Barbie movie has come to a love for all things pink and gorgeous. However, what “DreamHouse” would be complete without a luxurious bathroom sanctuary to reset and pamper yourself?

With searches for “Barbiecore” up by +488% on Pinterest since the end of March, Sanctuary Bathrooms’ bathroom specialists have pulled together some tips on decorating a perfectly pink bathing space.

Go pink, or go home? 

No DreamHouse is complete without Barbie’s signature pink – Tiktok hashtags for #PinkDecor have increased by 85% since mid-June. In Architectural Digest’s video showing the “DreamHouse” movie set, director Great Gerwig explained that even the white shades used in the house are not white – they are a very pale pink. 

James Roberts, director at Sanctuary Bathrooms, says: “Pink is an inviting colour and can be great for a bathroom because it creates a feminine, luxurious sanctuary.

“If you’re going full Barbie-mode, incorporate pink furniture like a vanity or storage unit to give it a dollhouse feel. If you want to open up the space and create an even bolder look, consider installing pink tiles in your flooring.

“Avoid bright whites where possible, as this can stray too far from the DreamHouse look, which uses varying shades of pink in one room. However, don’t be afraid to mix contrasting colours in the room to make it pop, such as bubblegum blue or sage green.”

Life in plastic (or similar textures) is fantastic 

The Barbie DreamHouse is made from plastic – but you wouldn’t want your own bathroom to be made entirely of the stuff. The key is to replicate the shiny texture using other materials.

James advises: “Opt for porcelain tiles for a high-quality, shiny finish. These look expensive and are the perfect texture for the Barbie look you’ll be going for. Additionally, metallic finishes will add a nice texture contrast and mimic the painted gold accents in the DreamHouse.”

Luxury bathing is a must 

James says: “Your bathing space, whether a bath or a shower, can be a fantastic focal point for the bathroom and, therefore, a great place to incorporate bold colours.

“In the DreamHouse tour, we saw a huge, pink, freestanding bubble bath and a walk-in shower with striking pink marble on the walls.

“Consider a pink freestanding bath for a wow factor, and couple it with gold tap fittings for an added touch of grandeur. Alternatively, for an easier change, add pink tiles to the inside of your shower to create a shower haven fit for a Barbie.

“Don’t forget to add a space for all your bathing essentials;  glass shelves provide a sleek touch to your bathroom and won’t impose on the bold pink tones used elsewhere. You could even purchase pink shower gels or shampoo and decant them into glass or clear plastic bottles to display on them!”

Finishing touches 

To bring any Barbiecore room together, you’ll need to finish up by adding whimsical, maximalist touches.

James says: “There are plenty of ways to dress up your bathroom with finishing touches. Consider adding colour-changing LED lights to program pink lighting over the bath (if you have one) and around your vanity station or sink.

“You can also incorporate more soft feminine touches through features such as a fluffy bathmat and some plush towels on display. Look for vintage Barbie-inspired prints for the wall and add touches of gold through trinkets, picture frames, and mirrors.”