ilaya fertility clinic introduces groundbreaking new treatment for Asherman’s syndrome, helping more women get pregnant

The ilaya fertility clinic in Kiev is on a mission to help women with Asherman’s syndrome who are struggling to conceive, thanks to a new stem cell treatment. The clinic has become the latest go-to option for women with the condition from all over the world.

The treatment, called endometrial regeneration, is a painless procedure that uses a patient’s own stem cells and has proven to be extremely effective and safe.

These stem cells are collected, grown and tested in a laboratory in less than a month, so it’s possible to insert them into the uterus (stimulating the regeneration process) as early as the next menstrual cycle. Following this, pregnancy can occur naturally in the same cycle or as a result of IVF.

Asherman’s syndrome is a condition characterised by scarring in the uterus, which can lead to infertility and miscarriages. It’s also caused by abortions, C-sections, DNC’s and Endometritis.

It is exceptionally rare, affecting less than 5% of women who visit infertility clinics. Some doctors report only seeing around two cases per year.

As well as women living with Asherman’s syndrome, the endometrial regeneration treatment is there to help women start their long-awaited pregnancy who have experienced failed IVF or infertility due to uterine hypoplasia or endometriosis.

Natalia, who had suffered 10 years of infertility commented: ‘After undergoing endometrial regeneration, I got pregnant in less than five months.

My endometrium, which had never grown to more than 5mm of thickness, grew to 8mm after the procedure and this was more than enough to get pregnant. I was waiting for this moment for a long time and now it feels like a miracle.’

Vera, who was treated by Dr Inna said: ‘We agreed to undergo endometrial regeneration without any hesitation – and it worked! After the treatment and an IVF transfer, I finally got pregnant.

‘The ilaya clinic has experienced doctors, a state-of-the-art clinic and new technologies to help you in your journey.’


Image credit: Freepik