Meet the Greek Travel Influencer: Antonis Leivadiotis

The best travel influencers are the ones whose content give us wonderlust, and transport us to far away destinations through their photography. They inspire us to see the world and experience new cultures. Antonis Leivadiotis (@antonis_leiv) has mastered this and has managed to make his Instagram profile look like a work of art. His account showcases hundreds of photos of his adventures in dreamy destinations. What make Antonis’ travel photos so captivating are the unique angles at which he captures his images, and his vivid use of colour.

Antonis started using Instagram in 2013, and since then, he has grown an impressive following of 268,000 Instagram followers.

We chatted with Antonis to find out how he became the successful travel and lifestyle influencer he is today, and what piece of advice he would give aspiring influencers.

What have you found to be the biggest challenge as an influencer that focuses primarily on luxury travel and fashion content?

I think the biggest challenge is to constantly produce great and appealing content that is loved by your audience. For an influencer as me, this might get a bit expensive at times, so this is also a challenge.

How often do you check your account?

If you mean weekly, I check it every day. If you mean during the day, I check it at least twice a day i.e. morning and night. If I have free time during the day, I will take a look to see what is happening in my account.

Who are your three favourite Instagram influencers?

Debiflue, Mariano Di Vaio, Casey Neistat

Is being an influencer a full-time job or is it more of a hobby for you?

It is a full-time passion. ‘Do something that you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life,’ No truer words were ever uttered. I love what I do and I am fulfilled because of all the challenges that I face and the rewards that come along with doing this efficiently and professionally.

Imagine if you did not have access to your account for a week: what impact would it have on your life and what would change in your daily routine?

I don’t need to imagine this. It really happened to me. It taught me to realise that I have other resources and outlets, to show my love and passion for all things. I became more vigilant and protective of my social media presence. As for my daily routine, it affected my ability to post for a while but it taught me to be resilient and always have a back up plan.

What tips would you give to Instagramers who would like to become influencers?

Never give up. It takes time to reach any level of success. Imagine that this is your own business – you would put in more effort to make it a success, if it was your own company, wouldn’t you?

To know more about Antonis Leivadiotis visit his YouTube channel​ and don’t forget to follow him on Instagram.