The All-New Stiltz Jam Radio – Lift Music, But Not as You Know It

Now streaming live into every Stiltz Homelift across the UK, the newly-launched Stiltz Jam Radio means you can get down to some uplifting sounds as you glide between floors. Kiss goodbye to the dreaded Muzak; elevator music has had an upgrade and things will never be the same again.

Stiltz Jam Radio is the new music station broadcasting from Stiltz HQ in the Midlands; it’s lift music – but not as you know it. No longer consigned to being background noise, this radio channel brings elevator airwaves to the forefront of home entertainment.

“It’s as unique as our home lifts,” said Stiltz CEO, Mike Lord. The Stiltz Jam Radio is 100% for our customers’ entertainment and adds a bit of theatre to every journey. We love being the first with different ideas, that’s why we’re number one.”

So far, the reaction has been amazing. Customers report they’re using their lift as a private music booth, sometimes just sitting there while the music plays. Others say they’ve been up and down several times in one session just so they can keep listening to their favourite tracks. A few even admit to having a little dance too.

So, whatever your musical taste, Stiltz Jam Radio elevates your mood by providing the soundtrack to move you, and your day. Just get in, turn it on, and pump up the jam. Disco lights are not included yet.