AI Reveals How Your Star Sign Influences Your Style Choices

As many of us start to hunt for Valentine’s Day inspiration, PrettyLittleThing has enlisted the assistance of AI to uncover what the perfect solo date is for each horoscope and encourage Brits to take themselves out this year. Plus, the research also reveals the perfect date for each horoscope. 

Analysts at the leading fashion brand quizzed Google’s AI Bard to discover which activities will make every horoscope’s heart sing, with style expert Talia Johnson pairing each option with a PLT-approved fit so you can look good while feeling the love.

When fire meets ice (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Solo date

Whether you’re a thrill-seeking Aries, a Sagittarius explorer, or a Leo that loves self-expression, say yes to a solo skating session this winter. The ice is a great match for fire signs, especially when you pair it with a jumpsuit or seamless top and leggings set. 

Couples date 

Aries are all for activities filled with excitement, whereas Sagittarians crave a sense of adventure, making a theme park the perfect location for a thrill-seeking date. Roller coasters and rides call for comfy, casual but still cool attire; options include a jogger and matching hoodie set or even a midaxi dress. 

Or, for the confident Leo in your life, opt for a salsa dancing class to add something a little more spicy – after all, it’s a great excuse to shop for sultry red dresses

Explore something new for earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Solo date

Is there really anything better than relaxing at home in a set of chic pyjamas and planning for the future? Getting organised and planning a getaway for later in the year is solo date heaven for the Virgos and Capricorns of the world. 

Or, if you’re a Taurus who’s feeling a little creative, Google’s Bard suggests baking some sweet treats could be the way to go this Valentine’s Day. All that’s needed is your favourite clean girl inspired outfit to get started.

Couples date 

If you’re sharing your date experience, creativity and personalisation are a turn-on for Taurus dates, so getting crafty with a DIY hot chocolate station and personalised mugs won’t disappoint. According to style expert Talia Johnson, there’s no better option for this activity than your favourite jumpsuit or athleisure set. 

The key to a Virgo’s heart is through attention and stress relief, whereas Capricorns love to bond, making a couple’s massage a good choice for both star signs. Just make sure you don’t forget your swimwear

New skills and movie thrills are in the air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Solo date

Whether you’re a Libra learner or an intellectual Aquarius, enter your wholesome girl era by learning a new solo skill – it could be baking, painting, or even cocktail making depending on how fancy you’re feeling. 

If you’re a Gemini that loves emotional rollercoasters and escapism, a romantic movie marathon could be just what you need this season. Talia recommends curling up with knitted loungewear for maximum cosiness. 

Couples date

From sharing new ideas with a fellow Gemini or Aquarius to enjoying a visual experience with your Libra lover, attending a museum exhibition or art show and following it up with a coffee-fuelled catch-up is right up an air sign’s street. 

When it comes to choosing an outfit, this is your time to tap into the old money aesthetic – think flared trousers and oversized blazers.

Water signs set to unwind (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Solo date

When it comes to the water signs, solo dates should centre around self-care. Cancers crave quiet reflection, whereas Scorpios love emotional release, and Pisces’ likes to focus on the inner journey.   

Think a long bath with aromatherapy and lots of pampering, paired with a satin pair of pajamas and the fluffiest dressing gown you can find.

Couples date

When it comes to the water signs, dates should focus on creating an atmosphere and building intimacy. Start with a dreamy candlelit dinner and follow it up with a romantic movie marathon and blanket fort to get up close and personal. 

Talia recommends beginning the night with a co-ord or midi dress and ending it with something a little more casual and cosy, adding to the closeness water signs crave.